Monday, June 06, 2005


Can I say I'm done now?

Hopefully, this last weekend was the last weekend spent on 'Nothing Travels Faster Than Bad News'. Yes, the film is done and has been done a while, but I still had the DVD to finish off.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I produced 'Making Bad News', a combination of an interview Suw and I shot last year (albeit edited down from 40 minutes to 5) and outtakes from principal photography. Saturday and yesterday was spent creating a new trailer. The first trailer used Fatboy Slim's 'Right Here, Right Now', so I needed to do a new one with original music. That ended up taking far longer than I intended, but after coming up with music I was quite chuffed with (my approach to creating tracks is very much trial and error, so the quality of the end result is somewhat random), I finally managed to cut together a new trailer that just about out-does the original.

Discovering new things I could do with the DVD authoring software meant I arrived late to watch Sin City on Sunday afternoon. So late that the theatre was almost full and I opted to skip seeing the film rather than watch it from an extreme corner of the cinema.

I finished the DVD proper at about 7pm on Sunday night, after putting on some sample storyboards and a few stills from the film I had lying around on my hard-drive (I did have some proper photos Suw and Nicola had taken somewhere, but I couldn't find them, so I'm 'saving' them for a second version of the DVD). Then it was just a case of burning DVDs (at 15 minutes a go, I knocked off 10 last night before going to bed).

I've handed out some already this morning to people at work who featured in the film, but I need to make time to get down to the post office to send off copies to those contributors who live further afield and to festivals and internet film portals. Seeing as I am rubbish at bothering posting stuff off, this is likely to be my stiffest filmmaking challenge yet.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Bad News Online

Suw has managed to set up a BitTorrent for a 125MB Windows Media version of 'Nothing Travels Faster Than Bad News'. Find further details here.