Tuesday, May 24, 2005


...is relatively relaxing. I spent last night sitting at my computer trying to output the film in a compressed format for the internub. This involved fiddling with a few settings, clicking a button and then waiting twenty minutes for a render that is then too big / too small / too grainy / too silent*.

The Apple Lossless audio codec almost amused me by losing the entire audio track every time I tried encoding with it.

After fiddling around ad infinitum with Quicktime exports (none of which were great), I eventually produced a quality 67MB Windows Media version. This may surprise you. I know when I watch video on the world wormed web, I usually choose to watch in Quicktime. Unfortunately, the encoding options for Quicktime in Adobe Premiere aren't nearly as good as those for Windows Media or Realmedia.

However, I have just found a Quicktime MPEG4 encoding tool called 3ivx which may help. It costs about as much as Quicktime Pro, so provided the demo delivers the goods, a Quicktime version of the film might still be on the cards.

So, this does mean the film shall grace the Tintin-net imminently. I've also printed out the submission forms for iFilm, so I once I remember how to get the film back onto MiniDV tape, I can send that off (and expect a response in 4-6 weeks).

Festival-wise, I'm pretty sure '...Bad News' will be going off to Raindance and TromaFling. Then there's currently a shortlist of others that includes: Chicago International REEL Shorts Festivals (who make far too many reel-y bad puns in their promo bit on withoutabox), Hawaii International Film Festival (yes, just because it's in Hawaii), Rome International Film Festival (no, not that Rome - the West Coast of the US Rome), DIY Film Festival (nothing to do with actual, self-assembly shelving DIY) and The World of Comedy International Film Festival (in comedy-central Toronto).

Other festivals like The Manhattan Short Film Festival might be on the cards if I deem it worth creating a Digibeta transfer (many festivals don't accept submissions on DVD or MiniDV tape, accepting only Digibeta, 16mm film or 35mm film). The problem with that would be that MiniDV footage on a Digibeta tape is still MiniDV footage and commensurately of a lower picture quality than a native Digibeta submission would be.

I've also listed as possible submission targets: Kinofilm, The Leeds International Film Festival and The Foyle International Film Festival.

Almost all of those festivals listed have submission deadlines in the next couple of months.

Those without published deadlines at the moment include: Tromadance, New Zealand International Film Festival and The Sydney International Film Festival which the film may or may not be eligible for.

All of these festivals, with the exception of the Troma ones, charge filmmakers to submit films for the selection process. iFilm charge a yearly exhibition fee if their programming committee don't select the film for free hosting. This means getting the film seen could turn out to be a costly business.

* - Delete as applicable

Sunday, May 15, 2005

It's done


The final cut is locked. The film will premiere on Friday. Everything now is just removing lint.