Thursday, December 02, 2004

What's comes after the post, but should come before

Just had a look at the entry requirements for the Internet Movie Database. Looks like the best way we're going to get Nothing Travels Faster Than Bad News on there is to be accepted by a selective film festival (ie. one that doesn't blindly accept all submissions). Well, I'm aiming high by targetting the Edinburgh International Film Festival for the premiere, so if we get in there (which, to be honest, I doubt), we're a shoe-in for IMDB recognition.

I'm also in the process of wading through copies of legal release forms for the film. Screen Yorkshire have been very helpful in that regard and I'm now confident that the contract that my contributers are signing away their souls with is legally sound. I still need a reliable contract for locations, which also raises the spectre of going back to those in charge of all the more awkward locations and asking for them to sign retrospectively, but at least in those cases I can say, look, if you want to approve the film here it is and seeing as we're already done you know we didn't break anything.