Monday, November 29, 2004

Coming Soon

Well, it's been a while since I posted here, though I have been putting sporadic updates about the film up at my other blog. The current state of play is this:

The first trailer is out. You can go see it via this link. Any comments appreciated.

Of course, just because a trailer's been done, it doesn't mean the film's ready yet. It's currently 90% edited together, with the main feature just about there minus one shot of a microphone I still need to get and generally fiddling around with specific edits and scene pacing. Most of that outstanding 10% comes from the title sequence and the end credits sequence, neither of which I've started yet. I've got some more filming to do for the credits (yes, it'll be a little more interesting than a simple list of names scrolling up the screen) and while I've got some ideas for the opening, I'm not sure quite how I go about translating those into physical visuals.

Some of the footage still isn't regraded. Every shot has been tweaked in some way to try and add some depth to the typically flat, desaturated pictures my camera turned out.

An even bigger job is to finish off the sound, which is only about 25% done. Alice is back to re-record Cassandra's dialogue this evening and once that's done I'll have a full dialogue track to work with, albeit one that's rife with poor quality sound and an actor's occasional poor quality delivery. Adobe Premiere Pro fortunately has a very good 'denoiser' audio effect that rescues some of the worst recordings. Unfortunately, dialogue is only one aspect of the soundtrack. There are dozens of sound effects that I need to find or create (and I'm pretty sure even my best efforts will only produce mediocre results for this job).

Then there's the music. Films often live or die based on the music and even while trying to put together a temp track with copyright music (it'll have to have original compositions before it goes out to festivals) and the vast array of choices that provides I'm struggling to find music that fits the film.

Finally, it's likely 'Nothing Travels Faster Than Bad News' will ship with its own drinking game; you take a shot of whisky every time you spot a minor continuity error and down a triple vodka every time you spot a major one. This will probably mean most of our audience will be dead of alcohol poisoning shortly before the ninth minute of the film, so it's likely to ship with a health warning too.