Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hit and Miss

Okay, a quick update on the state of play with 'Nothing Travels Faster Than Bad News':

First up, we've decided to re-shoot everything we shot down in London - Francine's scenes. The footage wasn't bad, but lacking developed storyboards on set meant that in the editing room I found myself looking at every shot thinking it was the wrong shot. This should have been a close-up, that should have been a P.O.V. shot. The sound was pretty appalling too, so if nothing else that was a good reason to go back and do it again.

Fortunately, only minor re-shoots were required for Cassandra's scenes. We shot those on Monday 30th August (which seems like a really long time ago already) and I roped in Dave from work to help out on sound (I finally got round to divorcing microphone from camera, which got rid of the persistent tape whir that has afflicted every film I've ever done. Unfortunately, the mic wasn't close enough to the action on a few occasions resulting in quiet dialogue that will need to be re-dubbed). Suw was more confident with the camera too, which meant most of the shots looked right in the edit. Those that didn't are close-ups on me - I've now learned when to use an extreme close-up and when to stick to a stand head and shoulders shot.

The office scenes are also all complete. That required gaining permission to shoot in my office at work and finding half a dozen colleagues to stand in as extras. While Seb struggled to remember his lines on the day and will need to redo his dialogue to give a bit more oomph to the performance, Tim, who'd never acted before, did a sterling job as Kevin. I shall have to rope him in to act in more films.

I hope to post up some captured frames from what we have shot soon.