Monday, August 16, 2004

Saturday's shoot

Well, Saturday was spent shooting in London at my friend Svetlana's flat. We had Jen playing Francine, Vince playing Tyler and me as Lindsay.

On the whole, my lasting memories of the day are just how much fun it was, and how much I enjoyed wielding a camera. I used to love stills photography, until I got too broke to get the film developed. Even just photographing bands gear at gigs was great, particularly the getting paid for it bit, so my love affair with film goes back a while. But actual moving pictures... oooh now this is something I could really fall in love with.

Took me a while to get used to Vince's camera. Way back when, we'd planned for me to spend some time with Vince just learning how the camera worked and all that, but as it turned out we just didn't get the opportunity, so I had to learn on the job, so to speak. Had a bit of an issue with sound to start with, but once I'd got that sorted I was away.

You can certainly see a progression in the footage (it's DV, so maybe that should be 'inchage'?) that I shot - the camera works improves as I relax and become more comfortable with the camera - so hopefully at the next shoot I should be even better.

We managed to get all of Francine's scenes done, a few of Tyler's, and all of Lindsay's (not hard, I only had three lines).

Hm, acting... now that's another kettle of fish. I was trying not to overdo it, and I think to start with that resulted in a rather too understated performance. I can spot when actors are overacting, and I was very aware of trying not to, but you have to be really, really overacting for it to seem like overacting on film. Weird. Maybe with a bit of practice I might become a competent actor, certainly I'd like the opportunity to find out.

What was also fun was watching the rushes. It's interesting to see how the lighting affected the quality of colour - Svet's bedroom has these lovely lilac walls that looked really nice on film, warmed as they were by the way that the sunlight filtered through the natural wood blinds. The scenes in the lounge, however, looked a little washed out - the sunlight was too harsh to have the curtains open but the beige fabric leeched all the colours out, and I ended up looking rather washed away, my black top becoming charcoal instead.

Still, we shot 18 minutes, added to the 10 minutes of film Vince shot last Thursday of the office scenes. So it's really all coming along.

Next shoot I'm at is in a fortnight's time, up in Leeds. Personally I can't wait, and not just so that I can enjoy the opportunity of mussing up Vince's perfect hair again, although that obviously will be a highlight.